Ectropion Before and After

The procedures performed in the following examples were:

Eyelid Ectropion Repair – (Fix sagging lower eyelid)
Laser Tarsal Strip and Skin Graft – (The repair or addition of skin by using donor skin from another part of the body)

Example 1.

Image of eye before surgery
Before Surgery

The right lower eyelid is pulling downward due to looseness of the eyelid and not enough skin. This is causing irritation.

Image of eye after surgery
6 Weeks After Surgery

The eyelid was repaired by tightening the corner and using a skin graft inside the eyelid. The eyelid is in better position without any visible scars.

Example 2.

Image of eyes before surgery
Before Surgery

Lower right eyelid sagging.

Image of eyes after surgery
6 Weeks After Surgery

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