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5on Google,Jul 05, 2022


Dr. Langelier was absolutely amazing, she was very nice and made me feel very comfortable, as this was my first time visiting!

5on Healthgrades,Jun 10, 2022


Dr. Langelier is a competent and compassionate doctor in whom I have complete trust. She fully and clearly explains options, and she is accessible and responsive. Post surgery, over a weekend, she returned my call to address a reaction I was having and called in a prescription that required a quick dose of steroid. She is everything you might want and need in a dr entrusted to care for your eyes. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

5on Healthgrades,Oct 16, 2021


Dr. Langelier was kind, thorough and professional. I was happy how she addressed my eyelid issues and used her knowledge to correct droopiness while leaving the natural contour of eyelid area. My surgery was easy and recovery quick. So happy with the results. VEI Outpatient Surgical Center care was outstanding by all staff there.

5on Healthgrades,Sep 14, 2021


Dr. Langolier performed an extensive repair on my lower eyelid after a basal cell carcinoma removal. The results are amazing and there is almost nothing visible after she reconstructed the eyelid. No one can tell that I had the surgery! Another doc planned to sew my eyelids shut for 1-2months in order to graft from my upper eyelid. Dr. Langolier chose a different procedure and my eyelids were not sutured together. After two weeks I was completely recovered. Her team at Va. Eye Institute surgical center were compassionate, skillful and friendly--as is Dr. Langolier. She is the best!

5on Healthgrades,Aug 10, 2021


I wanted to share my experience with this remarkably skilled physician & her lovely staff. I first consulted Dr. Langelier in May 2021 to address undereye puffiness, dark circles, & asymmetrical brows. I knew Dr. L was the right choice after our first meeting, & had surgery on August 4th. I was anxious in pre-op, but Dr. L & her staff did a fantastic job reassuring & caring for me. Dr. L has a great bedside manner, but most importantly, her surgical skills are phenomenal. I'm a nurse practitioner with 10 years in healthcare, and have worked in aesthetics and OR settings. I can honestly say the sutures Dr. L did are the best I have EVER seen. Bruising has been minimal, too (I was a little sore for a couple days, as expected). I had to keep myself from crying when I saw myself post-op - the results are natural, beautiful, and exactly what I wanted. I'd strongly recommend Dr. Langelier and her team without reservation, and will happily see her again for any eye-related concerns!

5on Healthgrades,Jun 28, 2021


Dr. Nicole Langelier performed my surgery on 5/20/21. I wanted the dark bags under my eyes removed and to also tighten up my drooping eyelids. She was very professional and reassuring about how the procedure would turn out. I actually had wanted to get this done over a year ago but Covid came along. The picture I took of myself a day after surgery was a bit scary! Within 2-3 days I was 100% convinced I had made the right decision. As I'm soon to turn 60, it is nice to wake up every morning and NOT see those dark bags under my eyes! I can't thank Dr. Langelier enough!!!

5on Google,May 14, 2021


Drooping eyelids are part of my family trait, which, unfortunately, can create vision impairment as it did in my case. Enter Dr. Langelier and The Aesthetic Center at Virginia Eye Institute. I not only feel better without the heavy, weighted eyelids, but am seeing better, especially peripherally. Thank you Dr. Langelier and your team!

5on Healthgrades,Mar 07, 2021


The entire experience with Dr. Langelier and everyone at the Aesthetic Center was great. My initial evaluation was thorough and the doctor explained my condition and options very clearly and well. The procedure was basically painless and recovery easy. Even if they had not been, it was well worth it! The world became a much brighter place with my lids lifted - I had not realized how limited my vision had become. It is as if I have taken off a visor and let the sun in again. I highly recommend the Aesthetic Center and Doctor Langelier!

5on Healthgrades,Feb 26, 2021


Dr. Langelier operated on my upper eyelids as well as lower resurfacing. She was awesome! She and her staff were professional, friendly and caring and I love the results!! I highly recommend her to anyone considering these procedures. Thank you Dr. Langelier for making me feel young again!!

5on Google,Jan 18, 2021


All was fine!

5on Google,Jan 18, 2021


It was satisfying and I was very pleased with the specialist that helped me

Recommendedon Facebook,Jan 17, 2021


I can't thank Dr. Langelier and her team enough. I had congenital ptosis on my left eyelid from birth and was struggling with it all my life. I am so happy to have found Dr. Langelier and VEI. She is the most talented, experienced and caring doctor I know. She did an amazing job on my left levator muscle and brought it to a full working mode, no overcorrection or undercorrection, it's just perfect. Recovery was super quick and easy (LidLift Goggles that are sold a the VEI helped a lot). Also, Dr. Langelier did a fantastic job on my lip fillers. She knows exactly what to do to achieve the most natural look and to avoid duck lips. A special thanks to Dr. Langelier's nurses, and to the whole VEI staff for taking such good care of me. Thanks to them, the whole process was a breeze from start to finish.

5on Google,Jan 15, 2021


Very professional. Thorough exam & answered all concerns. Feel confident about my upcoming surgery!

5on Healthgrades,Jan 15, 2021


Dr. Langelier performed surgery to remove the bags from under my eyes. I am completely satisfied with the results and look much younger than my 73 years. Besides being an excellent physician and surgeon, Dr. Langelier has a wonderful bedside manner and is always on time for my appointments with her. I would highly recommend Dr. Langelier to anyone considering cosmetic eye surgery.